Task Force 21

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Task Force 21 was a Confederation task force commanded by Admiral Naomi Dayan at the beginning of the Terran-Kilrathi War. During the McAuliffe Ambush, the ships of Task Force 21 formed a major part of the counterattack that struck the Kilrathi Second Fleet of the Claw and the landing assault craft of the Imperial Marines. The task force suffered heavy losses during the engagement.

Deployed Strength

  • Cruiser force
  • Five Frigates


  • TCS Ark Royal
    • Struck by two torpedoes, one failed to detonate
    • Severe damage from torpedo strike
    • Fifty percent causalities to the crew
    • Half of its bombers destroyed in counterattack
  • TCS Yorkshire destroyed in fleet action with four Kilrathi battleships
  • TCS North Carolina struck by one torpedo
  • Four frigates lost