Tallboy Rickardson

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Tallboy Rickardson
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Tallboy Rickardson
RATING Above Average
SHIP Shaman
HIRE 280
'God, it's cramped in here'

Very few Karatikan mutants drift into the life of escort piloting; by and large, they prefer to exercise their superior physiques in more physical pursuits, and their large, muscular frames are ill-suited to the confines of a fighter's cockpit. Rickardson is an exception, drawn by the twin lures of glory and profit to the profession. This has not been without mishap; his discomfort often leads to him being twitchy and overeager to finish a mission, and a significant amount of his income has gone in repairing the damage caused to controls and the like by his sheer brute strength. However, he is an able and relatively inexpensive wingman, well worth a look.