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"Mariko Tanaka" Now redirects here. This is consistent with the way it appears in Clawmarks and the movie novelization. Freedom Flight lists the name as "Mariko Tanaka" and while this lends a little weight to the argument, the facts are that Tanaka first is more consistent with actual oriental naming conventions which place the Family name first. A continuty section should be added to the end of this article to indicate that it appears in both forms in the various publications. -AD

There's been so many times that this article has been renamed because of the first-last/last-first name ordering issue. If you're going to make it a rule, you ought to change every Asian-named character to this convention. The first that comes to mind are Bossman and his wife - there may be others, too.

For the record, I agreed with the previous decision to have Spirit's article be named Mariko Tanaka in the belief that English-speaking convention (as I believe this encyclopaedia follows) is to have first name first, even with Asian names (this applies to myself in real life), and subsequently made all Asian-name articles follow this convention. If the desire is to follow in-universe names, that's fine, I suppose, but one could argue from a real-world perspective that making an exception to follow Asian-language convention in texts like WC1 is for the sake of keeping with the international flavour that the original game clearly had. - Wedge

_______ The main thing to consider when deciding on what the main article should be is what the references list. In this case the in-game text, Clawmarks, And the movie novelization all support the Asian convention. This is repeated with additional references in the Kilrathi Saga manual. While we may be writing these articles from an English perspective, The way the name appears in these references has to factor more strongly than what we feel is *right*. What is realistically going to be searched for? This is why we've added the continuty portion for Characters with multiple spellings of their names. The alternates all get redirects to the main article. This way, No matter which version they search for (Tanaka first or last) the results will bring up the right article, with an explanation of the variations at the end. - AD