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The class overview and history sections were pure speculation. We have no idea when these ships entered service or anything really else except they are there. No need to think up stuff just to fill in gaps. Let the material speak for itself.

Redo the research. You can include Blair's first encounter but stop with adding in things you think you know. We've gone over this...repeatedly.

- Dundradal

Dude, no offense, I understand what you have said about speculation, but not everything I said was speculation. The Ralaxaths, as the CIC chose to label them, clearly do not possess their own hangar bays and have heavier firepower than the Ralarrad. Also, they were never encountered up until 2669, so it is POSSIBLE that they were only fielded in this year. I work with the evidence I have, not with what I make up at the top of my head.

I will be rebuilding the sections later with Blair's first encounter and the facts I have. But respectfully, we don't have an answer for everything on the CIC. I try to make reasonable deductions from what evidence there is. I am trying to build this encyclopedia, not harm it.


The CIC did not "chose" to label them. Gaia when they released Arena created Star*Soldier which makes these names official. As you say, the player first sees them in 2669, it's also possible that they are a 100 year old class that has a long service history. We simply do not know. There is no need to deduce anything. State what we know.

Before you go and enter text like that in articles ask about it at the forums.

- Dundradal