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Minor edit, I recently played WC2 along with the Special Ops expansions, and it was the D variant that was the Super Ferret.


Well spotted! Don't feel as though you have to explain absolutely every tiny edit you make, but it can be helpful to do so at times. Welcome to the WCPedia. - Wedge

We have a reference in the Confederation Handbook of Paladin piloting a Ferret off (a) Iason at the time it was destroyed. To be fair, it does not specify the designation number, so I guess the argument could be made that it wasn't this model Ferret. Then again, it also gives the Broadsword a different number from Wing Commander II. It should at least be noted in the article.

Here is the relevant information, more for posterity than anything else. The Iason is stated to have been destroyed in 2638:

Inquiry Into the Loss of the Odysseus-Class Naval Exploratory Vessel CS Iason Reg E-1456

1 long-range Pelican-class shttle refitted for research, 1 standard Tern-class shuttle, 2 towed Ferret-class scout fighters with enhanced sensor arrays, 19 lifeboats. (103)

At 0715 hours both Ferrets were scrambled. One, piloted by Captain F. Izmuti, was ordered to begin a pattern of concentrated fly-bys of the Kilrathi ships, while the other, piloted by Commander J. Taggart, was ordered to commence long- and medium-range scans of the area.

At 0743 hours, on an approach within 2 kilometers of the Kilrathi ships, one of the Kilrathi opened fire on Capt. Izmuti's Ferret, damaging the right wing array, including cameras and stabilizers. She was ordered to return to the Iason. Commander Taggart remained in space apparently until after after the Iason was destroyed. His precise fate is unknown. (104)


There were only four pilots, and two Ferrets. We spent most of our time in the shuttles, ferrying the scientists around. The Ferrets had stripped-down armament and hyped-up sensors . . . really flying cameras more than anything else. Solar patrols are fully loaded with escort fighters, but not the explorers . . . of course, they had no way of knowing we'd meet anything alive that wasn't single-celled and growing on a rock.

. . . the captain was good about keeping us informed about events. Every fifteen minutes we'd get an info-byte about what was happening. After about an hour, Farrah Izmuti and I were ordered out. If the Ferrets had been sent out when it first happened, I'd have still been off-duty, but I went on the clock at 0700, and we went out at 715. We were laughing at the guys who had just clocked out. . . .

[. . .]

Impact didn't destroy my Ferret, but it completely drained my shields and damaged my repair array. The first thing I did when I saw that the Iason had been destroyed was hit the self-destruct. You know, it wasn't that difficult a decision. I always expected it would be hard to make myself do it, but it seemed like a really good idea. I slapped it like a bug, and when it didn't work, I hit it again. I really got angry that all systems were down. Totally down. The only thing I can think of is that some shrapnel must have punched through my shields, past my armor and actually opened both of my power supplies. (123)

- Bob 07:45, 4 September 2010 (CDT)