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Something rather interesting I noticed while watching one of those "Let's Play" series. In WC3, the HS missile was labeled RIM-15 in that first conversation with Rachel. The FF in that game was also labeled (looks like RIM-31, not 100% sure about the '3' but I'm still pretty positive that it is a 3) Definitely tidbits to add, but how should that be added here? - Iceblade

Are you talking about the video displays in the WC3 FMV, when Rachel shows Blair the Hellcat he's about to fly on his first mission on the Victory? Adding content really isn't my field, but I would suggest maybe putting it under a miscellaneous section header, as it's not necessarily a consistent piece of information we have available for all missile types. - Wedge

That is a great find. I'd actually first suggest posting it to the CZ so everyone can look it over. Then we can find a place to put the info. I've been thinking that we might need a "weapons" infobox for missiles and guns. --Dundradal 12:28, 19 June 2010 (UTC)