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The Farragut was the last one to survive the Nephilim War? What does this mean, all the rest were destroyed by the invaders? Or was the Farragut the only survivor of those to actually engage in direct combat with the Nephilim? I find it hard to believe only one of these are left if there were 20, especially if some of them are in rear sectors like Gemini and such.Aeronautico 22:43, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

Yes, it means the Farragut is the only example still active. I have no problem believing 19 of them were lost. A Midway-class carrier is used as a space station in 2701! The Confederation is hanging by a thread...

Look at the WCU map. Gemini is by no means a rear sector and we only know that there was one there. We have no idea about the other 18.

- Dundradal