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Again, some of this history appears to be based on which games certain ships appear in. Do we know for certain that Exeters did not co-exist with Gilgameshes? And granted, we, as players, only see the Murphy in Secret Ops, but do we know for a fact that the Murphy did not exist during the Kilrathi War as well? Just some things I want to point out, because I want to avoid this continual assumption that ships appearing in one game or another is indicative of the only eras in which those ships ever existed. - Wedge

You're going to find that in almost all these ship articles. Perhaps we should work an "article creation checklist" or something for people to follow so that the same mistakes aren't repeated over and over again.

The Help page is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Wedge, would you be interested in advising me on such a project? Don't need to write it, but just make a list of does and don'ts for specific articles.

- Dund


Class: Destroyer
Length: 312.1 meters
Mass: 10,000 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 250 KPS
Cruise Velocity: 150 KPS
Acceleration: Poor
Max Y/P/R: 2/2/2 DPS
Fore Shield:
Aft Shield:
Front Armor: 250 cm
Right Armor: 200 cm
Left Armor: 200 cm
Rear Armor: 250 cm
Guns: 2 Flak Cannons 2 Anti-Matter Guns