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Blair's first encounter with a Fralthi by no means means it is the FIRST encounter ever. You need to word these correctly.

"The Fralthi was first spotted by Terran Confederation forces, in the Port Hedland System, by the planet McLaren. A short time later, on 2654.140, TCS Tiger's Claw pilots Christopher Blair and Joseph Khumalo encountered the Fralthi while on a patrol as Xi Wing (Port Hedland System)."

Reword this so it becomes clear it's Blair's and not Confed's first encounter.

- Dundradal

Whoa, wait up. That was strictly in reference to the Fralthi II, not the Fralthi as a combat line.


That mention comes from WC1's encounter. It has nothing to do with the Fralthi II seen in WC3. And even if it was about the Fralthi II what is it doing in this manner in the Fralthi article?

- Dundradal