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The Epee actually has half the armour of the Ferret - a point discussed and bemoaned in the forums on numerous occasions. The article needs to be rewritten with regards to armour capabilities and durability.

Also, can we be certain that the Epee is no longer in use in 2681? - Wedge

Oops! I'll fix that little bit up. And unless we have hard evidence proving otherwise, I think it's pretty safe to assume that they are off the frontlines. I mean, the Confederation was scrapping all wartime designs and everything. I can't imagine that the Epee was any exception. That's what I figure. Unless you have something to contradict this?


I don't, but I think it better not to assume anything either way. - Wedge

Also, I think it best not to assume any sort of succession between games. The Arrow of WC3 also made an appearance in Academy TV, I think. A previous version which state the Epee was succeeded by newer models of the Arrow V was more acceptable, I thought, so I left it alone. - Wedge

Finally, my Internet is mucking up, so I keep getting edits mixed up. Sorry. - Wedge