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Class: Heavy Fighter
Length: 36 meters
Mass: 20 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 400 kps
Cruise Velocity: 250 kps
Acceleration: Good
Max Y/P/R: 6/5/6 dps
Fore Shield: 7.0 cm equivalent
Aft Shield: 7.0 cm equivalent
Front Armor: 8.0 cm
Right Armor: 6.0 cm
Left Armor: 6.0 cm
Rear Armor: 8.0 cm
Guns: Neutron Gun (2), Gatling Mass Driver Cannon (2)
Missiles: Javelin HS (2), Spiculum IR (2), Pilum FF (1), Porcupine Space Mine (1)

Type Heavy Fighter
Manufacturer ?
Introduction 2639
Primary users Confed
Produced 2639-2700
Variants R1, R2

The heavy fighter itself was an idea born of an era unfettered by considerations for phase shields - and no fighter better exemplifies the heavy fighter than the Raptor. Designed with a heavy missile and strong gun loadout, but lacking the ability to carry antimatter torpedoes, the Raptor was a fighter whose success lay largely with the period in which it served and the sort of pilots it kept alive.


Raptors came into the spotlight in 2639, during the McAuliffe/Enyo engagement. Then-Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn's daring plan rested on the abilities of a small force of Raptors outfitted as minelayers. The plan worked, rescuing hundreds of thousands of captive civilians and ensuring the Raptor a place in the history books. Over the next fifteen years, through to the close of the Vega Campaign, the Raptor would see success in several roles: as a commerce raider, as a heavy handed answer to swarm fighter tactics and, when used in coordinated attacks, as a strike craft against line targets as large as cruisers.

During the height of the Vega Campaign, Raptors from Star Slayer squadron off the TCS Tiger's Claw scored a string of impressive ship to ship victories.

Raptors continued to see service with front line squadrons through to the 2668 Battle of Terra. Following the conclusion of the war, surplus Raptors found their way to the service of the Free Republic of the Landreich - where they continued to see service through the border skirmishes of the early seventies.

Variant Comparison

Stat\Variant Raptor (2654) Raptor (?)
Class: Heavy Fighter Heavy Fighter
Length: 36 meters 36meters
Mass: 20 metric tonnes 20 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 400 kps 400 kps
Cruise Velocity: 250 Kps 250 Kps
Max Afterburner velocity: 1200 kps 1200 kps
Acceleration: Good Good
Max Y/P/R: 6/5/6 deg/s 6/5/6 deg/s
Shields: 7.0fb cm 7.0fb cm
Shield Recharge: 3 sec 3 sec
Armor: 8.0f/6lr/8.0r cm 8.0f/6lr/8.0r cm
Guns: MK 40 Neutron Gun (2), MK 30A Gatling Mass Driver Cannon (2) MK 40 Neutron Gun (2), MK 30A Gatling Mass Driver Cannon (2)
Missile Hardpoints: 1x2 Javelin HS-V.21, 1x2 Spiculum IR, 1x1 Pilum FF, 1x1 Porcupine Mine 1x4 Javelin HS-V.21, 1x4 Spiculum IR, 1x2 Pilum FF, 1x2 Porcupine Mine
Missile Decoys: none none
Jump Capable: No No
Crew: 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot)
Service Entry: 2639


Alternate History (the real world)


  • Variant 1 - Claw Marks
  • Variant 2 - Wing Commander 1
  • Variant 3 - Super Wing Commander


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