TCS Bastille

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TCS Bastille
Type Clydesdale-class transport
Prison transport
Primary User Terran Confederation

The TCS Bastille was a Clydesdale-class transport that served as a prison transport in 2667.

In 2667, the Bastille was assigned to rendezvous with another prison ship, the TCS Alcatraz, where it was to deliver convicted Terran traitor Zachary "Jazz" Colson to the Alcatraz so that he may be taken to his execution on Earth. Colonel Christopher Blair was ordered to escort the Bastille to the rendezvous point in Canewdon.

Colson's allies, the Society of Mandarins, hijacked the Bastille and jumped out of the system while Blair was occupied with a Mandarin attack on a civilian convoy. The diversion worked and the Bastille was captured.