Stingray Interceptor/Cap Ship Interdictor

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Type Interceptor/Cap Ship Interdiction
Primary User Nephilim
General Characteristics
Mass 10 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 80 dps
Maximum Pitch 90 dps
Maximum Roll 120 dps
Acceleration 960 k/s2
Rotational Acceleration 200 dps2
Minimum 135 kps
Default 450 kps
Maximum 585 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1400 kps
Max Acceleration 2700 k/s2
Fuel 360 seconds
Light Plasma (2)
Power 500 nanoJoules
Minimum Recharge 14 seconds
Default Recharge 150 seconds
Maximum Recharge 225 seconds
Fore 140 cm equivalent
Aft 100 cm equivalent
Shield Power 240
Minimum Recharge 1.8 cm/second
Default Recharge 18 cm/second
Maximum Recharge 27 cm/second
Front 195 cm
Rear 145 cm
Right 170 cm
Left 170 cm
Core Damage Points 200
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy

An excellent example of Alien organo-technology is the simple but effective Stingray. Confederation pilots will encoutner these cluster ships early, and they'd better know what they are up against the first time out of the chute. These are ships with a purpose.

A sleek interceptor in its own right, the single Stingray is maneuverable and deadly accurate. However, it is designed to unite with two other Stingrays, and its primary goal is to cluster in this way and punch holes in the armored hulls of capital ships.

Stingrays travel in groups of three or more, fighting their way through enemy opposition in order to gain proximity to a cap ship. Each one has two light plasma cannon mounted at the nose of the ship, fully functional as offensive weapons, capable of firing plasma bursts at any target directly ahead of the individual Stingray. Though they act as fighters while separate, this is just an efficient way of conveying the three elements of a cap ship killer to the battle location.

Note that aside from the plasma cannon, however, they are unarmed. They carry neither missiles nor bombs, and can generally be expected to head more or less in the direction of their goal. In other words, although they will not hesitate to open fir eon any perceived threats, they won't be found performing search-and-destroy missions, or performing any form of auxiliary service such as escort duty.

Once in position, the nature of the Stingray changes dramatically. In groups of three, they unite into a single unit, fusing their plasma cannon at a central point, establishing a temporary hull lock through a magnetic/capillary cohesion, and uniting their onboard systems. In a very real sense, they unite to become one ship. At this point the cluster is of almost no danger to an individual fighter, as they will concentrate on their larger target.

As powerful as their combined plasma burst is, it is limited by the nature of the weapon. It is not as strong as a torpedo, or even as deadly as a concentrated missile attack. The Stingray is primarily a threat to weaker, lighter or damaged capital ships, but keep in mind that given the choice of targeting a swarm of Stingrays or a united Stingray cluster, the cluster is far and away the more immediate danger to the carrier, while the single Stingray is of more danger to you.

Stingray Cluster

The Stingrays have the same flight statistics when clustered. They will always cluster in groups of three. When you target them, you can target only a single ship, but when you destroy that ship the other two will uncluster.

When clustered, the six Light Plasma guns of the three fighters form a single Heavy Plasma gun.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Mission Appearances


CF - 1a Stingray
Plasma Cannon Cluster
Mission Role: Light Capital Ship Interdiction
Cloaking: No
Jump Capable: Yes
Speed Set/Aft: 450(350)/1400(800) kps
Eng. Accel. Set/Aft: 960/2700(480/1200 as a cluster) dps2
Max Y/P/R: 80(60)/90(70)/135(90) dps
Rot. Accel.: 200(120 as a cluster) dps
Active Radar: 15000 (30000 as a cluster)
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft: 140/100 cm equiv.
Shield Recharge Rate: 20 cps
Armor Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: 175/125/150/150 cm
Guns: 2X Light Plasma (1X Heavy Plasma as a cluster)
Missiles: None
Decoys: 1 per ray
(If cluster) Target ID: Stingray Cluster
(If single) Target ID: Stingray
Length: 24 meters
Width: unknown
Mass: 18 (54 as a cluster) metric tonnes
Description: This “ship” is actually a collection of three smaller conveyors, each equipped with a single light plasma cannon mounted at their nose. Individually they function as fighters. But they may also join together into a single larger ship, the emission points of their individual cannons touching to form a single, massive plasma cannon which is effective against starships. In this configuration they are similar to a torpedo bomber (though there is no missile armament).