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Type Interceptor
Primary User Nephilim
General Characteristics
Mass 12 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 90 dps
Maximum Pitch 90 dps
Maximum Roll 120 dps
Acceleration 520 k/s2
Rotational Acceleration 180 dps2
Minimum 126 kps
Default 420 kps
Maximum 546 kps
Velocity 2400 kps
Acceleration 4800 k/s2
Fuel 8 seconds
Maximum Yaw 30 dps
Maximum Pitch 40 dps
Maximum Roll 90 dps
Rotational Acceleration 60 dps2
Quantum Disruptor (4)
Power 600 nanoJoules
Minimum Recharge 5 seconds
Default Recharge 50 seconds
Maximum Recharge 75 seconds
Default Missile Loadout
Cerberus (3)

Proteus (1)

Decoys 7
Fore 110 cm equivalent
Aft 80 cm equivalent
Shield Power 190
Minimum Recharge .9 cm/second
Default Recharge 9 cm/second
Maximum Recharge 13.5 cm/second
Front 250 cm
Rear 290 cm
Right 270 cm
Left 270 cm
Core Damage Points 230
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy

This is the Alien sucker-punch fighter: it's as fast as lightning, nd carries enough firepower to cause serious damage to its targets. It is essentially a point-defense system for cap ships, designed to take on enemy fighters one-on-oone, and take them out.

A relatively small fighter, it has extremely powerful forward-pointing armament, and several "arms" that are usually folded back over the single engine like a carapace to enhance the ship's speed. The Squid's guns are mounted on the ends of the ars and, when the ship is in travel mode, the guns are not functional. Due to the extreme speed of the Squid, it is never particularly maneuverable, instead using its velocity to escape the battle zone and circle around again.

When the ship locates a target and slows down, the petals extend and the guns acquire a lock on the enemy. When this barrage reaches it target, the results are devastating.

Note, however, that when the petals are unfolded the ship is clumsy and vulnerable. The aft section, where the single engine is located, is a particularly noteworthy target, as usually the folded-down petals protect that part of the ship. Rear attacks are effective while the ship is preparing to fire.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Mission Appearances


VF - 2 Squid
Mission/Role: FORCAP, BARCAP
Cloaking: No
Jump Capable: No
Max Speed Set/Aft: 450/1300 (800/2400)
Max Y/P/R: 90/90/120 (40/30/90)
Rotational Accel: 180(60) dps2
Acceleration Eng./Aft: 2500 (5000) kps2
Radar: 15000
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft: 120/160 (120/80) cm equiv.
Shield Recharge Rate: 25 cps
Armor Strength Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: 80/100/60/60 (80/50/60/60) cm
Guns: 4X Alien Disrupter Cannon
Missiles: 3X Alien Friend or Foe, 1X Stalker
Decoys: 5
Target ID: Squid
Length: approx. 21 meters with wings folded - approx. 17 meters with spread wings
Width: unknown
Mass: approx. 12 metric tonnes
Description: This is a point-defense system for cap ships. It is a small fighter designed for slashing head-to-head engagements with heavy forward defenses and four (or three) wings which usually fold back over a single engine like flower petals. Guns are mounted on the ends of the petals, but are useless when the wings are folded back. In this configuration the ship is very, very fast but not particularly maneuverable. To attack, the ship unfolds the petals, bringing the weapons to bear for devastating forward firepower. But it slows considerably, and in this configuration the single unarmored engine (previously protected only by the folded-back petals) is dangerously exposed, making the ship extremely vulnerable to attacks from the rear.