Special Operations 1 Patch

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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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  • SO1.EXE


Special Operations 1 Replacement Executable File

This replacement executable file is designed to correct the problems you may have experienced with the Auto-Pilot function in Special Operations Disk One for Wing Commander II. Some people have reported lengthy program delays when using this feature. This new SO1.EXE should correct the problem.

To install your new SO1.EXE, simply copy the file into your Wing II diretory. This will overwrite your old SO1.EXE and replace it with the new one.

For example: C:\WING2> Copy A:SO1.EXE <enter>

Once the new file is installed, run the game as usual. If you continue to have problems with Special Operations One, please leave a message on our BBS or call Technical Support.

BBS: 512-328-8402 2400 bps 8-N-1

Technical Support 512-328-0282 Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Central.