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Type SpaceDude???
General Characteristics
Crew 1
Maximum Yaw 15 dps
Maximum Pitch 15 dps
Maximum Roll 15 dps
Acceleration 6 k/s2
Maximum 40 kps
Maximum Afterburner 80 kps
Front 25 cm
Rear 25 cm
Right 25 cm
Left 25 cm

Spaceman, Tri-System circa 2790.

Working in the void of space is a risky, dangerous proposition - but in cases where a ship or installation needs to be repaired externally, it is often necessary. This is the primary role of the spaceman (often: spacedude). They're also a poor second choice to an Escape Pod, when fleeing a crippled starship. Amazingly, these suits have also been used for orbital protests. The bandit Cravien Shard is also known to deploy Spacemen as an additional defense.

Any Privateer who takes on the universe in nothing but a vacuum suit is hard core, to say the least.

As it is in Heaven

Spacesuit SPST
A rather antiquated device, the spacesuit is still useful when carrying out repairs or trying to enter a ship covertly. A bit cold and very risky.