Space-to-Ground Anti-Radar Submunition Missile

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Space-to-Ground Anti-Radar Submunition Missile
Type Submunition Missile
Manufacturer Terran Confederation
Damage Multiple Independent Anti-Matter Warheads

The Space-to-Ground Anti-Radar Submunition Missile was a radar interdiction and space and air defense suppression weapon. Upon launch from a fighter, the missile would close towards the target area and several seconds after launch it would break into fifty Human arm-length submunitions. Each submunition contained a small matter/anti-matter warhead. The submunitions would track individual radars, radio links, laser trackers, point defense guidance systems, and subspace transmitters.

The missiles could be fired in single strikes or for more co-ordinated point defense suppression, multiple missiles could be tied to a fighter-mounted command system. This system automatically prevented overlapping of targets and reassigned missile submunitions to priority targets if the first missiles tracking in should be destroyed.

Notable uses of these missiles occurred during the Invasion of Vukar Tag and the First Battle of Kilrah during Operation Back Lash in 2667.

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