Skate B Cluster

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Skate B Cluster
Type Interceptor/Anti-Bomber
Primary User Nephilim
General Characteristics
Mass 35 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 65 dps
Maximum Pitch 65 dps
Maximum Roll 90 dps
Acceleration 280 k/s2
Rotational Acceleration 120 dps2
Minimum 105 kps
Default 350 kps
Maximum 455 kps
Light Burst Master (6)

Turreted Maser (1)

Power 200 nanoJoules
Minimum Recharge 4.5 seconds
Default Recharge 45 seconds
Maximum Recharge 67.5 seconds
Default Missile Loadout
Proteus Missile (2)
Decoys 3
Fore 160 cm equivalent
Aft 160 cm equivalent
Shield Power 320
Minimum Recharge 1.8 cm/second
Default Recharge 18 cm/second
Maximum Recharge 27 cm/second
Front 240 cm
Rear 210 cm
Right 225 cm
Left 225 cm
Core Damage Points 250
Turreted Maser 800 DP each
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy

Each individual Skate in this cluster is perfectly capable of meeting an interceptor on even ground, and is not hampered much, if at all by its payload. Keep in mind that only when it is clustered, does it ID as a "Skate B," otherwise it is only "Skate."

Single confrontation is not its preferred method of operation, however. When honing in on their target, Skate B's are united in groups of three, forming a single, massive bomber. At the target site, the bomber separates and each ship travels independently to the capital ship, where it releases a small number of Cerberus missiles. These ships act in concert with each other to inflict the greatest amount of damage to their target. In tehory it is a cap-killer, but in practice it works equally well on enemy fighters. In fact, in some situations the Skate B is not so much a bomber as an anti-bomber device. It will attack fighter formations, bomber formations or capital ships with equal alacrity.

When its target has been weakened by the bombardment, the Skate B cluster will separate and surgically attack what is left in a "clean up" style maneuver.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Mission Appearances


CF - 2b Skate
Fighter/Bomber Interceptor Cluster
Mission Role: Capital Ship Interdiction
Cloaking: No
Jump Capable: Yes
Speed Set/Aft: 450/1400(350/800 as cluster) kps
Eng. Accel. Set/Aft: 960/2700(480/1200 as cluster) kps2
Max Y/P/R: 90/135/135(75/75/120 as a cluster) dps
Rot. Accel.: 200(120 as a cluster) dps
Active Radar: 15000 (30000 as cluster)
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft: 120/80(360/240 as cluster) cm equiv.
Shield Recharge Rate: 18 cps
Armor Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: 120/90/105/105
Guns: 2X Light Vorilian Burst Maser
Missiles: None singly, but together, they tow an Alien Bombing Interceptor pod that fires Anti-Fighter/Bomber Missiles x3.
Decoys: 1 per Ray
(If cluster) Target ID: Skate B
(If single) Target ID: Skate
Length: 24 meters
Width: unknown
Mass: 13 (42 as a cluster) metric tonnes
Description: Another “swarm” fighter. In this variation, three small conveyors surround a single, massive anti-bomber/fighter weapon.
The nature of the weapon is variable.
In this variation, the weapon is a potent anti-fighter weapon which flies towards an enemy fighter or bomber formation then opens to release a small number of self-targeting interception missiles which bombard the group.
The conveyors are then free to act as individual fighters and prosecute survivors.