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Creator Thomas Bruckner
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WCPEdit Version 0.1 - 03/09/1998
        Thomas Bruckner   

1. What is WCPEdit
WCPEdit lets you play the bugs. It exchanges the ships in the 
game so that confed flies the bug's ships and the bugs fly 
confed's ships. It works in the simulator as well as in the real
missions. However it works only in the first half of the game until
the improved shields and missiles come up. I'll fix this later.

Piranha    <-> Remora (i recommend flying it with invulnerability on)
Tigershark <-> Morey
Wasp       <-> Squid
Panther    <-> Manta
Shrike     <-> Red Manta
Devastor   <-> Raynode (the one with the remora around)

This programm is freeware.

2. How to install
Copy it to your wcp directory, start it and click on 'Modify!'. 
It will change the data.tre file. If you later want to restore
the original file just run wcpedit again.

3. Where to get new versions
New versions will be uploaded to:

I'll set up a WCEdit Homepage soon on

Wing Commander Prophecy is Copyright of Origin Systems