Secret Ops Model and Object Archive

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Secret Ops Model and Object Archive
Prophecy obj4t.jpg
Creator gr1mre4per
Download Download
Filesize 10000 kB

Archive contains Secret Ops models and object files that can be viewed in an Object Viewer.

Author's Description

I've extracted all of the models from WCP/SO and saved them as OBJ format, with materials. This includes:

  • All Levels of Detail (up to 4 per model)
  • All unused models, including:
    • 'Callisto Cruiser'
    • Terrain
    • Planet
    • Moon
    • Multiplayer power up icons
    • WC4 Vindicator
    • Devereaux research vessel
    • Devereaux worker bee
    • Various boxes/shapes/effects used for testing

​Depending on the animation suit you use, you may have to 'flip coordinate system'. I think the SO pack is just the Prophecy pack with the extras, but included both just in case.