SR-51 Seahawk

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SR-51 Seahawk
Type Airborne Early Warning/Airborne Warning and Control Ship (AEW/AWACS)
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Nephilim War


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Wing Commander Prophecy - The Official Strategy Guide

 Although not a ship that the average fighter pilot would be thrilled to fly, the Seahawk is a mainstay in the Confed Fleet. Without these radar/passive surveillance craft, space would be a dark and forbidding place. Seahawks fly out, gather data on enemy forces, and relay this data and orders from Command to friendly ships.

These ships are built to be swift, efficient and stealthy, and thus have few defenses. Their pilots learn to be hyperaware and not stay anywhere longer than absolutely necessary to gather information on the enemy. Once they have their information, they tend to jump back to friendly lines for protection. If they feel safe enough to linger near a combat situation, Seahawks are also capable of guiding friendly ships to the targets they are most equipped to deal with.

As these little ships are worth gold in a pre-battle context, friendly fighters should go out of their way to ensure the survival of their Seahawk.

AWACS are visibly recognizeable by the large, triangular radar dish which rotates to scan about its X-axis. This radar array scans space in three distinct bands, gathering and translating the information before downloading it to the fleet.
Wing Commander Prophecy Guide
Mass 42,000
Shield Recharge 42
Maximum Speed 390
Cruise Speed 300
Acceleration Rate 300
Yaw Rate 20
Pitch Rate 35
Roll Rate 25
Front Shield 800
Rear Shield 800
Front Armor 350
Rear Armor 225
Left Armor 300
Right Armor 300