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Jun 18th, 98

  • is posted with the first shockwave trailer.

Interim Week 1

Aug 10th

  • SO website gets a full face lift in preparation for launch. Full game description and 11 new demo pictures are posted.

Aug 11th

  • ISDN #1 - Sol citizens celebrate victory...

Aug 12th

Aug 13th

  • Prima plans to publish an Official Guide for Wing Commander Prophecy Gold! According to B&N 336 pages long and will retail for $19.99 (the original Prophecy guide was 249 pages). Scheduled for an October 1998 release, look for it under the ISBN # 0-7615-1772-3.

Aug 14th

  • SO Press Release [See p14]
  • Six new pictures are released to 1
  • ( These six pictures are included on pages 8, 9, 30, 31, 78, and 79.)

Interim Week 2

Aug 17th

  • ISDN #2 - Rebuilding Begins in War Torn Sectors
  • The Prophecy Gold Guide is cancelled. Prima was afraid that folks wouldn't be interested in it after SO had been up on the net for a month or more already.

Aug 19th

Aug 20th

  • E-Mail #2 - SUBJECT: RE: Hello! Congratulations!

Aug 21st

Episode 1 “Deep Black”

Aug 24th

  • Trailer#2 variant 1 is posted on
  • Registration button becomes active.
  • ISDN #1 - Reception Revelry for Majestic Midway

Aug 25th

  • ISDN #2 - Interest: The Twilight Purchase resumes service for...

Aug 26th

  • ISDN #3 - Reports of Confed Researchers, Faulty Tests, and...
  • Pre-release of SO through only.
  • C|Net releases a brand new SO trailer that shows scenes from the first mission and also shows the new Dust Cannon in action. The file is a hefty 10 megs.

Aug 27th

Aug 28th

  • SO can now be downloaded in smaller 20mb chunks, Documentation is now available, and the German SO is now available at its website to download.
  • Eyes Only #2 - Pilot Orientation Form 63/xl1 (This should have been released on the 24th.)
  • Eyes Only #4 - Captain Report (This should have been released on the 25th.)
  • Eyes Only #5 - Personal Log: Lt. Lance Casey (This should have been released on the 26th.)

Aug 29th

  • SO Easter Egg is found.

Episode 2 “Thickening”

Aug 31st

Sept 1st

  • Trailer #2 variant 2 The second trailer at has been changed -- it now reads 'Orsini System' rather than 'Orsini Sector'.


  • Later in the day
  • It is discovered that one of the Nephilim language taunts (when they die) is actually a curse in Croatian! The message, 'STOKO BANDITSKA', apparently means 'cattle of a bandit' in Croatian, which is some sort of curse (that just doesn't translate directly into English).

Sept 2nd

Sept 3rd

Episode 3 “Hide and Seek”

Sept 7th

  • First fan made SO CD fan cover, made by Vincent 'Lancer' Formosa, released. [Front] [Back]

Sept 8th

  • Kelvin Lim writes a Patch, SOPilots, to help those who have been trying to use multiple callsigns in Secret Ops.

Sept 9th

  • Secret Ops site now appears to function fully with Netscape browsers.

Sept 10th

Sept 13th

  • Second fan made SO CD cover, made by Patrick Kilian, released. [Front] [Back]


Sept 14th

Sept 15th

  • [W] [L] E-Mail #1 - SUBJECT: FW: RE: Request for any information…

Sept 16th

  • [W] [1]] ISDN #3 - Confed releases statement about Hot-Spots
  • [W] [L] E-Mail #2 - SUBJECT: FW: RE: Request for any information…
  • [W] [L] E-Mail #3 - SUBJECT: FW: RE: Request for any information…

Sept 17th

Sept 20th

  • Fan made icon for SO by Vesa Juusola

Episode 5 “VIRAL LEGACY”

Sept 21st

  • No posts due to the fact that the webmaster was unexpectedly away.

Sept 22nd

  • These two should have posted on the 21st.
  • ---
  • [W] [L] ISDN #2 - General Assembly Hearings Postponed following...

Sept 23rd

Sept 24th

Episode 6 “DUEL”

Sept 28th

  • The Incident report on the Blue Horizon was supposed to be released on this day.
  • [W] [L] Email SUBJECT: Outta Luyten
  • [W] [L] SUBJECT: RE: Outta Luyten
  • [W] [L] SUBJECT: RE: Outta Luyten
  • [W] [L] SUBJECT: RE: Outta Luyten

Sept 29th

Sept 30th

Oct 1st


Oct 5th

Oct 6th

Oct 7th

  • The Lost SO Fiction “SS Blue Horizon” is released by creator Johnny “Captain Johnny” Guentzel. Somehow it wasn’t posted on the SO web site so he released it to WCNews. It should have been supposed on Sep 28th.

Oct 8th

Secret Ops Bundle