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Creator Locke
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By Alex "Locke" Fong
June 7, 1998

A Prophecy skin for WinAMP 1.80 or higher.

I figured, might as well make a skin for Prophecy since there don't seem
to be any...  to install:

  1. If you don't already have WinAMP, you can get the newest version from
     at  If not, try the Nullsoft homepage,
     As a last resort, try the search engines.  After you get it, install
     it and remember where you installed it.

  2. Unzip into your SKINS subdirectory in your WinAMP directory, typically
     in C:\Program Files\WinAMP\Skins.  If you're using PKUNZIP instead
     of WinZip, don't forget to extract the subdirectories using -d.

  3. To use ProphecyAMP instead of the base WinAMP skin, press ALT-S on the
     main WinAMP screen and choose ProphecyAMP (or whatever subdirectory you
     called it if you used PKUNZIP.)

  4. Get some MP3s and enjoy!

Legal stuff:
WinAMP is a trademark of Nullsoft.  Wing Commander Prophecy is a trademark
of Origin Systems Inc.  All rights belong to respective right-holders.

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