Prophecy HD Video Pack

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HD Video Pack
Creator ODVS
Download Download
Filesize 3000000000 kB
In the news October 11, 2020

High Definition video pack for Wing Commander Prophecy. Upscaled to 1080p from the limited DVD release. To use, apply the DVD Movie Upgrade Patch to your CD installation and unzip the archive in your game folder.

Creator's Description

As well as containing the highest quality remaster I've yet managed to produce, V4.0 contains the following improvements that make it the Definitive Edition:

  • All FMV footage remastered to 1080p Full HD using Machine Learning AI
  • Frame rate standardised in filmed sequences
  • Various scenes missing from the DVD pack have been restored and remastered from the original CD-ROM source
  • Heavy DVD interlacing removed from all footage
  • DVD MPEG compression artifacts removed to improve clarity
  • German pack also available (Stereo audio only)