Plasma cannon

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Plasma Cannon
Type cannon
Damage 460
Range 3000k
Acceleration 2600
Refire Rate 1.6 sec
Energy Rating 220 nJ
Source Wing Commander Prophecy: The Official Strategy Guide

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Gunnery Officer Report:

This is the Plasma weapon unique to the TB-80 Devastator.
If only it didn't take so much energy from the ship, this would be a cheap weapon indeed. It fires nothing more exotic than hydrogen molecules. Of course, these molecules are electronically charged to a state of near-fusion, bearing a strong resemblance to the center of a young star.
Plasma cannon attacks are generally used against capital ships and other heavily shielded and armored targets. It does a mean number on fighters, if the shot connects, but it is usually too slow for this to be considered viable in a firefight.