Novaya Kiev

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Navaya Kiev
Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Grills Quadrant
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Novaya Kiev is a star system in the Enigma Sector. It is a territory of the Terran Confederation.

Novaya Kiev was occupied by the Kilrathi at least since 2666, but they withdrew from the system during that year, allowing the Confederation to move in to recapture it. This effort was led by the TCS Concordia, which targeted Kilrathi vessels that had not yet abandoned the system. It also saw the destruction of the Novaya Kiev Supply Depot, which the Kilrathi was using to refuel the Kilrathi vessels advancing out of the system. The attacks were largely successful, as the Kilrathi suffered significant material losses. The offensive was a success, and the Kilrathi hold on the system was effectively broken.

Unfortunately for the Terrans, the Kilrathi withdrawal was part of a larger plan for a new offensive against the Terrans. While the Concordia fought for control of Novaya Kiev, the systems of Fiddler's Green, Niffelheim, and Midian fell to the Kilrathi.

The Concordia conducted several operations in its efforts to liberate Novaya Kiev. These include:

  • The destruction of the Kilrathi Supply Depot orbiting Novaya Kiev.
  • The rescue of the TCS Hector.
  • The destruction of a Fralthra-Class Cruiser.
  • The attempted rescue of a Terran courier ship in the Talbot System and the successful recovery of classified intelligence.