New Detroit (planet)

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New Detroit
New Detroit, circa 2669.

New Detroit is a planet in the New Detroit system, Potter Quadrant, Gemini Sector. During the late 2660s, New Detroit was the industrial heart of the Gemini Sector, beating with the rhythms of heavy machinery. Before there were refineries in Gemini’s space, there was New Detroit. As one of the first worlds settled in Gemini and as the need for heavy industry grew on the planet, its central metropolis continued to expand, eventually growing to cover the entirety of the planet’s enormous land masses in just 30 years and making it one of the most fascinating of Gemini’s urban centers. Its bars and other businesses sat at the bottom of skyscrapers like the little hunched prophets at the bottom of Hadrian’s Gorge. New Detroit was known for having a glut of manufactured goods; if it was man-made, chances were that New Detroit had it. Raw materials were in high demand during the planet's hey-day. The rapid expansion took a heavy toll on the planet's ecosphere; even from orbit, the pervasive gray of the wrecked buildings and the smog are still visible to this day, with an incessant drizzle of acid rain continuing to pour down across the planet's entire surface.

A planet-wide evacuation of New Detroit was ordered during the Nephilim War after the destruction of Perry Naval Base. Unfortunately, the planet's system has a jump tunnel directly to the Perry system, and given the high industrial activity of the planet, it was the next major target of the bugs' rampage through the Sector. After taking the time to destroy the Anapolis refinery in Perry, the Nephilim invaded the New Detroit system in full force with the evacuation just getting underway, catching most of the planet's populace still on the surface. The death toll from the ensuing action was catastrophic, and to this day the planet remains uninhabited (largely because cleaning up the remaining mess would be too time consuming and too costly to make it worth anybody's effort).