Michael Anthony

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Michael Anthony
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Rank Midshipman

Midshipman Michael Anthonywas the roommate of Carl T. LaFong during their plebe year. He lost to Todd Marshall in a simulator competition when Marshall defeated Anthony using unorthodox tactics.

"I was in perfect position, right behind and to one side of Marshall, and ready to throw the mass drivers up his tubes. He hit his afterburners and I followed. Then it looked like he put on the brakes, 'cause I flew right by him. He just rotated, fired a volley, and I was done. The whole fight only lasted a minute. He set me up and I took the hook."

LaFong and Anthony filled Marshall's helmet with a mixture of manure, grease, oil and whipped cream before the final match. This event earned LaFong the callsign Prankster.