Mace tactical nuclear missile

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Mace Tactical Nuclear Missile
Damage 1000
Lock Time 0 sec

The Mace tactical nuclear missile was first used in 2667 on Prototypes of the F-95 Morningstar. It is an unguided missile which damages or destroys many ships near it when it has been detonated. It either detonated itself after a short time or it can be detonated by other weapons.

A second iteration of the Mace was onboard the TCS Princeton when it was captured by the Union of Border Worlds in 2673. This version has a remote detonator, however, it still detonated after a short time.

Special Operations 2

Wing Commander: Academy

Mace Tactical Nuclear Missile. This missile is equipped with a nuclear warhead. Even though it has no homing capabilities, its high velocity and incredible explosive force can annihilate any enemy fighter or capital ship. Use this missile on slow targets at medium to close ranges.

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom