Liston Sativa

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Liston Sativa
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Liston Sativa
RATING Specialist
SHIP Drakkar
HIRE 495
'Don't worry - I'll leave you one'

Whenever pilots gather, they speak in hushed tones of those whom they admire - Magnusson, du Voilla, Orpheus and the like. However, when those pilots get together, they speak of one man, and one man only - Liston Sativa. Without doubt the most masterful pilot the Tri-System has ever seen, his ability represents the acme of the warrior's art; beautifully intuitive flying compounded by supernaturally accurate aim. Savage ferocity tempered by iron discipline. An irreproachable sense of honour masked by ice-cool strategic analysis. When things heat up, there is no-one you'd rather have on your side. If you can afford him.