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Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
Jump Links K’Tithrak Mang, Shariha, Muspelheim

K'arakh is a Kilrathi colony located in the Enigma Sector. Prior to the year 2668, it was a territory of the Kilrathi Empire.

During the 2660s, several Kilrathi colonies on the frontier of the Empire grew discontent with the bloodthirsty regime being led by the current Kilrathi Emperor, and sought to break away from the Empire in an attempt to join the Terran Confederation. Among these planets was K'arakh, which defected alongside Shariha, N’Tanya, and Ghorah Khar. Desperate to maintain their structural integrity, the Kilrathi sent forces to retake the rogue colonies.

The Terran Confederation rushed to the defense of these colonies in 2668. When Ghorah Khar was secured by the joint Separatist-Terran forces during that year, K'arakh also officially joined the Terran Confederation.