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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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WC4JOY.DLL for Wing Commander IV : The Price of Freedom

(C) 1996, Origin Systems, Inc.
Written by Anthony L. Sommers (

  DISCLAIMER : Origin Systems, Inc. shall not be responsible for the
  usage of this patch, in whole or in part. In no event will Origin
  Systems, Inc. or the author of this patch be liable for any damages
  resulting from the use or misuse of this patch. Use at your own risk.
  The document included with this patch may not be reproduced in any 
  manner without the written consent of the author.


  WC4JOY.DLL is a set of alternate joystick routines. If you are
  experiencing lockups, bad calibration data, or any other problems
  concerning joystick calibration, you may want to give this alternate
  set of routines a try.

  |                                                                 |
  |  NOTE : THIS PATCH MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU! Machines of different  |
  |  speeds return different joystick values (hence, the need for   |
  |  joystick calibration). During testing of these routines, it    |
  |  appeared that machines that returned high-end values for the   |
  |  right-most and down-most positions (in excess of approximately |
  |  1300) would have trouble looking down and left. If this is     |
  |  what is happening in your case -- if the values returned with  |
  |  is greater than 1300 -- you may be a prime candidate for a     |
  |  speed-adjustable game card.                                    |
  |                                                                 |

Installation of WC4JOY.DLL

  1)    Change to the directory where WC4JOY.EXE was extracted.
  2)    Copy the WC4JOY.DLL file to the C:\WC4 directory, or
        the directory used to install the game, i.e. :

            COPY WC4JOY.DLL C:\WC4   [ENTER]

  3)    Delete the JOY0.DAT file in your directory.

  4)    Make sure your joystick is firmly attached to the joystick port. 

  5)    Run Wing Commander IV. The patch will let you know if it
        was successfully installed; it should say :

          "Alternate joystick DLL loaded."

        You will be asked to recalibrate the joystick.
  6)    Once you're into the game, if your joystick drifts. This is 
        due to the fact that alternate joystick routines are being 
        used rather than the ones used when you initially installed 
        the game. Simply recalibrate by selecting Calibrate Joystick 
        in the Main Terminal, or press [ALT-C] in gameflow or
        in space flight.

  7)    Enjoy! :)

Uninstallation of WC4JOY.DLL

  To remove this patch, just type in the Wing IV directory :

        DEL WC4JOY.DLL   [ENTER]


  *     If the current joystick routines work fine, it is recommended
        that this patch is not used.

  *     You MUST have a working joystick to use this patch. If there
        is a joystick port conflict, or if the joystick or port is
        faulty, you may not be able to successfully use this patch.

  *     Tested joysticks include :

          CH Flightstick Pro
          Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro
          Thrustmaster FCS

  *     Check out the WC4 Technical Help File (WC4HELP.TXT)!

        Origin BBS : 512-346-2227
        Internet   :

  *     Thanks to Jason Yenawine!

Technical Support

If you are having trouble installing this patch, please feel
free to contact our Technical Support department. See
Install Guide for further information.