Iuste Suttilis

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Iuste Suttilis
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Iuste Suttilis
RATING Reputable
SHIP Kalrechi
HIRE 325
'See that ship? Watch this...'

Being an escort pilot is not exactly what you'd call a vocation - the danger is too considerable - unless the calling you feel is an irresistible urge to acquire large sums of cash. The sums involved mean that many people drift into the profession through their possession of relevant abilities. Suttilis is a prime example: a medalist in the Inter-System Firearms Championship (he took Gold in Beam Weapon/Pistol and Beam Weapon/Rifle), he decided to apply his phenomenal accuracy to more practical purposes. The wisdom of his decision is clear; although an undistinguished pilot, his aim and vision is so good that he has often destroyed enemy vessels before other pilots have even seen them.