Intel Inside (card)

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Intel Inside
WCTCG Luck Intel Inside.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent Imperial Security

Intel Inside is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Luck
Card Rating 2 Muster Points
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Alan Rabinowitz
Card Title Intel Inside
Card Text Opponent must show you his or her hand of cards.

WCCIC Review

I've never really been big on those cards that let you see your opponent's hand, but the WCCCG has a few of them. Spending 2 Power Points just to see what your opponent has isn't worth it in my opinion. You have to use this card strategically. If you're planning an attack, use this card to see if your opponent is holding back something that could thwart you. Or if your enemy has launched an attack, you might check his hand to see if he's thrown everything he or she has at you or has good cards in reserve. Personally I'd think it'd be smarter to use the slot in your deck for something that will produce more tangible benefits, but Intel Inside is a nice trick that can come in handy once in a while.
Rating : 6.0