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WCPHercules 21-a.jpg
Type Marine Landingcraft (Shuttle)
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Nephilim War

The Hercules is a Marine Landing Craft in the post-war Terran Confederation. It saw service in the Nephilim war of 2681.

Wing Commander: Prophecy

Wing Commander Prophecy - The Official Strategy Guide

This is a much more straightforward version of a shuttle than its more all-purpose cousin, the Condor. The Hercules is specifically designed to carry Marines and their equipment into locations where they are needed: enemy cap ships, enemy starbases, planetary surfaces, and so forth. The Hercules is also capable of picking up troops, but not conducting search and rescues under adverse conditions. The Hercules is larger than a fighter, but smaller than a capital ship - it's roughly the size of a small Corvette. It is lightly shielded and armored, and relies on an escort to see it through combat situations. It is not totally defenseless, however, as it has two turrets for use against enemy fighters. It is also armed with a boarding mechanism which is powerful enough to cut through bulkheads, to facilitate troop insertion.

Wing Commander Prophecy Guide
Mass 88 tonnes
Class Shuttle
Shield Recharge Max 150
Maximum Speed 364
Cruise Speed 280
Acceleration Rate 450
Yaw Rate 20
Pitch Rate 20
Roll Rate 20
Guns Laser cannon
turret (2)
Front Shield 500
Rear Shield 300
Front Armor 180
Rear Armor 130
Left Armor 155
Right Armor 155

Behind the scenes

The Hercules is featured in Wing Commander Prophecy.