Hengist Magnusson

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Hengist Magnusson
Occupation Escort pilot
Skill Level 6

CCN Entry


NAME Hengist Magnusson
RATING Connoisseur
SHIP Duress
HIRE 380

Ser Magnusson has only recently released from the Crian State Mental Rehabilitation Facility, following treatment for Severe Neurochemical Psychosis,sustained after Magnusson was accidentally exposed to experimental nerve toxins while delivering prisoners to Hades. Despite extensive leucotomy, Magnusson still persists in his believe that he is a mythical creature known as a Wyking, and flies into berserk rages whenever faced with a combative situation. However, his skills as a pilot remain undiminished, and his fearless demeanour has made him a favourite wingman among merchants, especially those attempting the perilous Dreby-Gastrin run.

Behind the Screens

Darkening Team Member: Nick Goldsworthy