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HarperEntertainment Logo.png
Years Active 1998 - 2009
Location New York City, NY

HarperEntertainment was an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers which was responsible for commissioning and publishing several Wing Commander books. The imprint was launched in 1998 by HarperCollins Senior Vice President John Silbersack who had previously started the science fiction and fantasy-focused HarperPrism.

In 1998, HarperEntertainment acquired the license to publish a series of books based on the Wing Commander feature film. They announced that they would publish adult and junior novelizations, a fact book and two continuity novels that would continue the story of the movie. Wing Commander (novelization), Wing Commander Junior Novelization and the Wing Commander Confederation Handbook were published in March 1999 to coincide with the film's theatrical feature. They followed by the first continuity novel, Wing Commander Pilgrim Stars, in September. The final book in the license, Wing Commander Pilgrim Truth, was completed but not published.

HarperEntertainment staff involved in the Wing Commander books included Publishing Director John Silbersack, Executive Editor John Douglas, Senior Editor Caitlin Blasdell, Assistant Editor Rich Miller, Art Director Jeanette Jacobs and Production Supervisor Dianne Walber. Silberstack, Douglas and Miller left HarperCollins following the company's acquisition of Avon Books in 1999 which ended HarperCollins' plan to publish Wing Commander Pilgrim Truth. HarperCollins last used the HarperEntertainment brand in 2009, effectively replacing it with the It Books imprint.