Hades-Class Quick Strike Cruiser

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Secretops title.png
Secret Ops Title
Type Strike Carrier
Manufacturer Orion Station Shipyards
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2681
General Characteristics
Length 777 meters
Mass ?"?" is not a number. tonnes
Crew 150
Spacecraft Carried Fighters 30 Shuttles 4
Acceleration 55 kps2 k/s2
Cruise ?"?" is not a number. kps
Maximum 350 kps
Maximum Afterburner NA kps

Mk4 Heavy Plasme Cannons (1)
Dual Mount Tachyon Cannons (10)
Single Mount Heavy Laser Cannons (4)
Doul Mount Anti-Fighter Missile Turrets (2)
Anti-Ship Torpedo Launchers (6)
Decoys No
Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive Yes

Hades-Class Strike Target Designation, circa ?.

Design and Construction

The ‘Hades’ Strike Cruiser Program might well have been canceled years ago if not for the ‘official’ support it received from within the Intelligence branches of the Confederation and a few other, more public government sources. In its initial stages of development, the ‘Hades’ program was staggeringly over-budget, at times rivaling even the production costs of the new ‘Midway’ class carriers. Some sources outside of the Confed Military have attributed these costs to the CIS’s involvement in the project, speculating that these additional funds were actually being channeled for use by the CIS in other endeavors. The Navy’s public endorsements of the ‘Hades’ program has previously been described as ‘grudging’ or ‘forced’ at best, lending even more support (at least in the minds of those who obsess on such things) to the theories that the whole project is just back-handed method of funding for the CIS. However, with the recent announcements of the completion of two prototypes, (only one, the ‘Cerberus’ having ever been seen in the public news channels) the validity of the Navy’s continued stance that the ‘Hades’ project is “An integral part of our plans for the future..” seems to be gaining strength, at least in the minds of the general populace.

Service History

Known Ships

Possible Construction