Gea Transit Light CR01

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Gea Transit Light
Type Transport
Primary User Civilians
Universal Freight
Greenday Industries
Davenport, Inc.
General Characteristics
Cargo Capacity 250 tonnes
Cargo Bays 5 bays
Cost c50 credits (per run)
Maximum Yaw 20 dps
Maximum Pitch 20 dps
Maximum Roll 20 dps
Acceleration 36 k/s2
Maximum 288 kps
Maximum Afterburner 578 kps
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 425 cm equivalent
Aft 425 cm equivalent
Right 425 cm equivalent
Left 425 cm equivalent
Front 375 cm
Rear 375 cm
Right 375 cm
Left 375 cm
Gea Transit in Universal Freight markings, Tri-System circa 2790.
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Gea Transit, or Gea Transport, is the lightest commercial freighter in the Tri-System. It is completely unarmed. Gea Transits have been in service since before 2779. The Gea Transit design has been followed by the Gea MK II.

Examples of Gea Transits include D346_812G (2788), a Universal Freight ship which was initially licensed to transport goods in the Irrulan System but has since been barred until appeal due to suspected involvement in drug smuggling. Greenday Industries and Davenport, Inc. both use Gea Transits (N856_198K and W469_342C respectively) as corporate transports.