Eryl Barsteadly

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Eryl Barsteadly
Occupation Escort pilot

CCN Entry


NAME Eryl Barsteadly
RATING Reputable
SHIP Shaman
HIRE 335
'Kites at 1400 hours. Toodlepip!'

Of all the families on Janus IV, the Barsteadly clan is indubitably the oldest, snobbiest and most inbred. Relics in their family museum date back many thousands of years, and it seems that Eryl, youngest son of the present Duke Barsteadly, developed an obsession with some stories related in a piece of crude, antique literature, describing the antics of the pilots of the first, primitive aircraft. Eryl's conversation is now liberally peppered with meaningless phrases culled from this source. As a wingman, he is competent, with his fighting ability lent extra verve by his insistence on using ancient, unwieldy yet surprisingly effective combat manoeuvres.