Errant Class Merchant Vessel

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Proxima Spaceworks Errant
Type Merchantman
Manufacturer Proxima Spaceworks
Introduction 2614
General Characteristics
Length 25 meters
Mass 100 tonnes
Cargo Capacity 20,000
Cruise 100 kps
Maximum 150 kps
Source Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook
Wing Commander Movie
Wing Commander: Pilgrim Stars

Proxima Spaceworks Errant

The first Errants were produced in 2614, and the design has remained virtually unchanged since that time, aside from the addition of the optional- weapon hardpoints in 2621, incremental upgrades in the standard command and control software, and the evolution of the Hastings Sakura drive array.

The lightest commercially available, jump capable utility ship, the Proxima Errant is a workhorse of the Confed economy. The Errant is greatly valued for its modular construction and extreme customizability. Weapons and armor, for example, can be added and changed at will. The 10,000- cubic -meter hold can be fitted with a cabin module containing living space for one to four passengers (the unconfigured Errant includes cabin capacity for a crew of two, although only a single pilot is needed to operate the ship). By itself the Errant can be used effectively for light cargo, for passenger charter or as a courier, and it can even be customized for use as a recreational cabin cruiser. Its most common function, however, is as a control module for cargo drones or towed cargo units. Under its own power, an Errant has impulse capacity to effectively maneuver up to 20,000 tonnes of towed cargo. If its cargo units are independently powered, its capacity becomes effectively unlimited.

Class Merchantman
Length 25 meters
Mass 100 tonnes
Cruise Velocity 100 kps
Max Velocity 150 kps
Weapons 2 forward hardpoints
1 turret hardpoint amidship
Armor /Shields Optional