Episode 3 - Losing Mission 3B - Making Way

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Making Way
Date 2668.358.0804
Fighter Gladius
Other Friendly Ships 2 wings of Rapiers
1 wing of Stilettos
1 wing of Gladii
  • Primary
    • Defend the Firekka
    • Clear a path to the jump point
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Next Episode 4 - Winning Mission 5 - Clearing the Path

Preflight Conversations


Captain, it looks like we're left with no choice... again. We can't stay here in Weslyn any longer - the Kilrathi know exactly where we are, and it's just a matter of time before they try another attack. So, we're heading straight for the Sirius jump point. The catch, however, is that the Kilrathi undoubtedly expect us to make this attempt. They'll throw everything they've got at us, including their capships. Your wing's job, therefore, is not only to defend the Firekka, but to destroy any enemy capships that get in our way. Oh, and one last thing. While we head for the jump point, the Drake will go in a different direction, to try to divert away the enemy. I don't expect that to be a suicide mission - so make sure you assign them an escort wing solid enough to get them to the jump point in one piece. Dismissed.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The Firekka must break through to the jump point. The player flies a Gladius.

Ejection always means capture.

A large Confed force is ready to try to break through the jump point: six Gladii, six Rapiers and three Stilettos. They all escort the Firekka as you approach the Jump Point Nav.

At the Jump Point Nav is a very large Kilrathi force consisting of: one Ralatha, three Drakhri, three Gothri, four Krants (including Virahn Bloodclaw), four Sartha, four Jalkehi and a Fralthi placed fairly far from the main action.

The Ralatha is the main target. It has to be destroyed for the Firekka to make it to the jump point. The Fralthi can be ignored as it only launches fighters and is fairly removed from the battle area.

Ninety seconds after the player arrives, three Drakhri and three Sartha, one every thirty-five seconds, launch from the Fralthi. After all six have launched: three Drakhri and three Krants will launch at the same interval.

The Francis Drake is lost on this mission. It cannot be saved on this path.

Ninety seconds after the Ralatha is destroyed, Spoons and Squealer arrive at the edge of the nav point with Kilrathi fighters in tow: two Krants and four Gratha.

Once they have been destroyed the player can land on the Firekka. If the player doesn’t land within two minutes the Firekka will jump without them.