Episode 1 - Mission 3B - Jump Point Defense

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Jump Point Defense
Date 2668.220.1028
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen Troll and Hotdog
Other Friendly Ships 1 Gladius wing, 2 Stiletto wings
  • Primary
    • Defend the Lionheart
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 2B – Scrambling to Jump
Next One or more Stilettos survive
Episode 1 - Mission 4A - Striking Distance
All Stilettos lost
Episode 1 - Mission 4B - Search for a Strike

Preflight Conversations


Listen up, there isn't much time. The enemy attack has forced us to delay the jump into Capella until the techs could get all the fighters repaired and rearmed. We're just about ready to go now. Here's the plan - I will take the Gladii and jump ahead. Exactly three minutes later, the Lionheart will jump in. Those of you flying Stilettos on this mission will scramble immediately after the jump. If there are any hostiles left in the area, you'll help clean them up. Once that's done, you'll fly out in search of the pirate base. Meanwhile, my Gladii fly a short-range CAP mission to keep the Lionheart safe.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

You’ve been delayed in jumping to Capella because the pirates know of your presence. You will fly a Gladius and jump ahead of the Lionheart into Capella to clear the road. Afterwards the Lionheart will jump in and launch reinforcements. Your wingmen are Troll and Hotdog.

Unless the Lionheart is destroyed, all ejections result in friendly pickup.

Once you have jumped into Capella, there are sixteen Talons ready to attack. Being in a Gladius gives you some advantage, however it is important to remember that the ship you are flying is still fragile and you need to be careful to survive. Two minutes after you arrive six Tarsus reinforce the pirates. One minute later the Lionheart jumps in and begins to launch Stilettos to support your wing. Once you have cleared the jump nav you will be required to perform a five point patrol.

Nav 1 contains one Sabre. Take it out before moving along. Nav 2 is empty. Nav 3 has two Talons. After thirty seconds the Lionheart will recall you to the jump point nav because of inbound hostiles. Once you take them out, you will return to your patrol. Nav 4 and 5 are both empty. If you have Stilettos remaining you will receive a message stating you have a bearing on the pirate base. If not, you will receive a generic landing message. It is important to keep your wingmen alive early on as it can affect your mission variants. This is especially important in later episodes.