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The Double Helix are a sentient race of carbon-based arthropods which communicate through scents and pheromones. The name Double Helix comes from the shape of their spacecraft. It is not known whether they possess Faster Than Light drive technology. Initial contact with the Double Helix was made by Probe Number H227 which was sent through an uncharted jump-point by the Committee for Interaction with Alien Intelligences. Probe Number H227 returned to Terran Confederation space on 2654.072 carrying artifacts and data from an encounter with Double Helix ships. World Science Federation officials called the discovery the most significant contact since the discovery of the Kilrathi.

By 2681, attempts had been made to communicate directly with the Double Helix. Doctor Justin Klein had been killed while attempting this through modified holo-link transmissions. His cerebellum had been fried by the Freneli-complex harmonic samples through which the Double Helix communicated. It was dangerous to analyze information streams from the Double Helix without the correct harmonic filters.

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Source: WC CIC Encyclopedia