Devil Ray

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Devil Ray
Type Space Superiority Fighter
Primary User Nephilim
General Characteristics
Mass 14 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 140 dps
Maximum Pitch 135 dps
Maximum Roll 120 dps
Acceleration 2500 k/s2
Rotational Acceleration 240 dps2
Minimum 195 kps
Default 650 kps
Maximum 845 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1650 kps
Max Acceleration 2500 k/s2
Fuel 900 seconds
Heavy Gorgon (3)

Light Plasma (2)

Power 900 nanoJoules
Minimum Recharge 6.5 seconds
Default Recharge 65 seconds
Maximum Recharge 97.5 seconds
Default Missile Loadout
Medusa Missile (8)

Proteus Missile (2)

Decoys 24
Fore 250 cm equivalent
Aft 250 cm equivalent
Shield Power 500
Minimum Recharge 2.1 cm/second
Default Recharge 21 cm/second
Maximum Recharge 30.5 cm/second
Front 520 cm
Rear 560 cm
Right 560 cm
Left 560 cm
Core Damage Points 500
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy

The Devil Ray has a similar body design as the Manta, but the differences between them are worth noting. Although Mantas and Devil Rays will show up for the same types of missions -- patrols and escorts -- the Devil Ray has about twice the armament. They can be distinguished by Mantas by their yellow coloring and dual vertical tails.

That's not all, however. The Devil Ray is faster, better shielded, has more durable armor and is more maneuverable. As if that weren't enough, they are flown exclusively by aces. These top-notch Alien pilots perform pithc and roll maneuvers, loops and wingovers, just as their Manta counterparts, but do them faster, and are noticeably more difficult to shake off your tail. Defensively, Devil Rays use their decoys against your missiles much more effectively than any other Alien ship.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Mission Appearances


SF - 9a Devil Ray
Modified Space Superiority Fighter (Ace ship)
This is the RED MANTA
Cloaking: Yes
Jump Capable: Yes
Max Speed Set/Aft: 650/1400 kps
Engine Acceleration: 1050/2300
Max Y/P/R: 120/120/120 dps
Rotational Acceleration: 230 kps2
ESM: Yes
Radar: 15000
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft: 230/230 cm equiv.
Shield Recharge Rate: 23 cps
Armor Strength Port/Starboard/Fore/Aft: 230/230/230/230 cm
Guns: 4X Alien Gorgon Laser
Missiles: 3X Alien Friend or Foe, 3X Alien Image Rec., 2X Stalker
Decoys: 7
Target ID: Devil Ray 1
Target ID: Devil Ray 2
Target ID: Devil Ray 3
Target ID: Devil Ray 4
Target ID: Devil Ray 5
Target ID: Devil Ray 6
Target ID: Devil Ray 7
Length: approx. 26 meters
Width: unknown
Mass: approx. 14 metric tonnes
Description: Similar to the Manta in appearance, but with enhanced capabilities. They’re rather frightening compared with the generic Manta fighter, being faster, better shielded, better armored, better armed, and more maneuverable.
They are flown exclusively by Aces.
Maneuvers: Devil Ray pilots tend to employ the pitch and roll maneuvers, Emmelmans, loops, and wingovers.