Defend Listening Post (Terran card)

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Defend Listening Post
WCTCG Secret Orders Defend Listening Post.png
Rarity Uncommon
Equivalent Defend Listening Post

Defend Listening Post is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Secret Orders
Side Indicator S02-UT Terran
Card Title Defend Listening Post

ORDERS: A secret listening post has been placed near the cener Nav Point. You are ordered to decoy enemy fighters away from this Nav Point and keep them away for three turns.

REQUIREMENTS: This Nav Point must not, under any circumstances, be entered by the enemy for three turns.

BENEFIT: Upon successful completion of this order, your opponent must reveal Secret Orders, if any. If your opponent has no Secret Orders, you may immedi-ately look at the cards in your oppo-nent's hand.

Tolwyn, GC

WCCIC Review

This falls unter the category of "cards that let you see your opponent's hand." Previously I said that they didn't seem too important to me. And you have to do a slightly complex bit of maneuvering over three turns in order to get your reward here. If you already think your opponent wont be entering the center Nav Point, then take a shot with this card, that is, if you're decided to use it in your deck. I don't think I would.
Rating : 2.5