Dallas (star system)

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Sector Avalon Sector
Quadrant Challenger Quadrant
Jump Links Dallas

Dallas is a Terran Confederation star system in the Challenger Quadrant of the Avalon Sector. It is home to a jump point leading back to itself.

In 2678, the system was included on the Terran Confederation Navy/Confederation Exploratory Services Akwende Projection.


Behind the Screens

The system is named afer Origin Systems employee Dallas Snell. Snell has been referenced in Wing Commander II ("Dallas" and General Snell) and in Wing Commander Prophecy (Jack Slayton/Jason Fargo, callsign Dallas). The unusual jump line references a joke in Vol. III, No. 44 of Point of Origin (August 13, 1993); Snell was late in delivering a highly anticipated rework of Origin's organizational chart, prompting the newsletter to run a graphic showing only his own name pointing back to itself.