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Sector Vega Sector
Quadrant Roberts Quadrant
Locations Fargo
Pegasus Naval Base
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Dakota is a star system in Vega Sector. The system has at least one inhabited planet, Fargo. As of April 2654, it was controlled by the Terran Confederation. It later joined the Union of Border Worlds.

The TCS Tiger's Claw conducted several missions in the Dakota System on 2654.139. This missions included:

  • The Claw provided primary cover for several Confederation medical transports as they rendered aid to Fargo, which was suffering from an outbreak of Watson's Disease.
  • A number of patrols to investigate the Kilrathi presence in the system.
  • A strike mission against a Kilrathi supply convoy.

The system was the site of conflict again during the Nephilim War, when the Nephilim attempted to breach human airspace through the system. A single Terran fleet cruiser faced down four Kraken-led strike forces before Confederation reinforcements arrived en masse to reclaim the system.