Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis (card)

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Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis
WCTCG Crew Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis.png
Rarity Rare
Equivalent Xilerks "Nickodaemus" Ki'ra

Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Crew
Card Rating 1 Medal Point, 3 Muster Points
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Alan Rabinowitz
Card Title Chief Tech Rachel Coriolis
Card Text Provides one Medal Point to any fighter currently launched with a weapon system card. Cannot be used for mustering.
Medal Point 1

WCCIC Review

Rachel's a bit on the expensive side, but she gives a very nice advantage for your craft out in space. You never know when a fighter will need a little boost, and Rachel can sit back and give practically any fighter one. Just be sure you keep a weapon system aboard a fighter you might want to improve so Rachel can work her magic, that's good advice whether you have Rachel or not.
Rating : 7.5