CF-131 Broadsword (2648)

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CF-131 Broadsword
Type fighter/bomber
Manufacturer Camelot Industries
Service 2648
General Characteristics
Length 12 meters
Mass 14 tonnes
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 320 kps
Default Missile Loadout
3 missiles, 2 torpedoes

Jump Drive yes
Fore 13 cm equivalent
Aft 13 cm equivalent
Front 10 cm
Rear 10 cm
Side 8 cm
Source Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook

Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook

The first Broadswords were deployed during the Pilgrim War to support Confed’s invasion fleet. It still remains Confed's primary fighter/bomber. In 2648 all Broadswords were upgraded to mount two antimatter torpedoes, but other than that change and minor upgrades to ship's systems, the Broadsword of today remains remarkably similar to those that flew with the Grand Fleet.

The Broadsword stacks an amazing amount of destructive potential into a compact package, but only at the expense of maneuverability. The Broadsword has virtually no evasive capacity―it has to either destroy attackers outright or rely on escorts of lighter fighters. On the plus side, its three recessed turrets can provide a full 360 degrees of fire support, and be set for independent or synchronized targeting. There's also a defensive AI mode that will automatically fire the turrets at any enemy targets of opportunity.

Like all Confed fighters, the Broadsword mounts a Tempest targeting and navigational system, and its drive array is jump-capable. The Broadsword is rated for up to 16 hours of life support. It can generate a retrieval tractor rated up to 150 tonnes. It is capable of ejecting the pilot in a standard survival pod.